Inhaler have announced their debut album, ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’

Dropping a brand new single, ‘Cheer Up Baby’, Inhaler have taken to Annie Mac’s Hottest Record to announce their debut album.

Set for release on July 16th via Polydor Records, Inhaler have announced their long-awaited debut album ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’. The eleven track debut, originally meant to begin recording in March of last year, saw the band take a step back to rethink their vision for the record.

Having teased the album title on social media over the course of the week, with the album title appearing on murals in their hometown of Dublin, the album announcement comes alongside the band’s latest single ‘Cheer Up Baby’. The anthemic track, one of the four-piece’s erliest penne songs, emerged from the band’s recording sessions for the debut with a renewed swagger.

Talking about the track, lead singer Elijah Hewson says “It’s just a great pop song,” before continuing “I think it really takes us back to our roots as a band.”

Inhaler’s debut album is available to pre-order now.

It Won’t Always Be Like This tracklisting

1. It Won’t Always Be Like This
2. My Honest Face
3. Slide Out The Window
4. Cheer Up Baby
5. A Night On The Floor
6. My King Will Be Kind
7. When It Breaks
8. Who’s Your Money On? (Plastic House)
9. Totally
10. Strange Time To Be Alive
11. In My Sleep

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