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Adore//Repel, a full on DIY four-piece from Wakefield, have been grafting hard for a while now, including hosting their own UK tour, building their own studio, and operating entirely without a manager or booking agent. Pretty impressive, right? 

What’s more, Adore//Repel have summoned a 5 minute long melancholically optimistic track entitled Secret Road Pt II. Sounding distant with the vaguely distinguishable vocals, rumbling rhythm guitar and chiming lead guitar snippets, Secret Road Pt II is reminiscent of some later Foals and Kings Of Leon recordings, without sounding too much like a clone.  Producing a track which you’d no doubt find playing in the background whilst you gaze wistfully at the sky, Adore//Repel are rather niché, and undoubtedly special when up against the pop music monopoly of present.

Having laid all the foundations themselves, James & Daniel Brown, Bob Johnston, and Anthony Wagstaff, have adopted a passionate approach to getting their music out there and appreciated. To coincide, Adore//Repel have a fast-approaching release date for their self-recorded and self-released debut album ‘Empty Orchestra’, which is available Friday 14th April, and available through all the usual outlets.

Adore//Repel will also embark on their own tour of the country, including a launch night at the 365 Club in Leeds.

For all things up Adore//Repel, including all the details on their upcoming tour, check out their Facebook

Words by Jasmin Robinson

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