Jayla Kai’s dropped her brilliant new track ‘Apple Tree’

Coming alongside the announcement of her debut EP, Jayla Kai has shared the crunching new track

Following on from her debut single, I Can’t Lie, Jaila has returned with her crunching, guitars first new track, ‘Apple Tree’.

Shared alongside the announcement that her debut EP would be coming later this summer, the track refines Jayla’s ability to be sharp and expressive.

“‘Apple Tree’ is a product of Liz Phair, Fiona Apple and my own angst,” Jayla explains. “Calling something angsty can be used so dismissively, but the qualities of artists and people who are considered angsty—putting yourself and your emotions out in the world, having self-confidence to do so, being brashly honest and saying what other people won’t—are really admirable. That is something I want to emulate and it’s what inspired Apple Tree.

“Lyrically, the song exists on multiple dimensions. On the surface level, it’s a breakup song where the speaker has run out of patience for someone. It’s about being unable to handle someone anymore and starting to realize and express this frustration and exhaustion to them.”

Jayla Kay’s forthcoming EP, Epitome, out 16th July. Apple Tree is available to download and stream now. 

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