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With their first music of 2021, LARRY PINK THE HUMAN have returned with ‘ELEVEN11_GTR_SONG’.

A slice of late noughty indie nostalgia, ‘ELEVEN11_GTR_SONG’ is simultaneously uplifting but incredibly down to earth. Carrying on the bands great DIY feel from their first singles released earlier last year. 

Made up of Laurie Vincent (of Slaves fame) and award-winning producer Jolyon Thomas, LPTH allows the duo to experiment outside of the usual genre confines.

“If the last year has shown us anything it’s that we can live without many things, but to be away from our closest companions is the biggest challenge of all.” The band have said of ELEVEN11_GTR_SONG. ‘We wanted to write about the ones that are with us and the ones that are not, and show how much we appreciate them. When it’s all said and done, everybody needs someone.’

‘ELEVEN11_GTR_SONG’ is available to stream now, with it’s music video dropping tomorrow morning (25th). 

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