Listen: Sundara Karma drop latest EP cut ‘Artifice’

Returning with a brand new EP next week, Sundara Karma have unveiled their latest single ‘Artifice’.

‘Artifice’ sees the band experiment with a concoction of darker sounds, exploring areas further away from the indie bangers the band have been known for. Featuring modern instrumentation and heavily processed vocal effects, the band really are heading to new, bold, sonic territories.

Speaking about Artifice, singer Oscar Pollock says “Artifice is about someone having been in your life and not being in it anymore, but they’ve left a mark that will never be removed…. and being able to make peace with that. The scar may be there forever, but that’s fine because life goes on.”

Featuring five new tracks, including the eponymous ‘Kill Me’, the EP is the band’s first new music since their 2019 sophomore album Ulflas Alphabet.

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