Listen to Maude Latour’s new bop: ‘Block Your Number’

Having released her Starsick EP last year, and her previous single ‘One More Weekend’ earlier this summer, Maude Latour has continued her penchant for sleek, confessional synth-pop with her latest banger ‘Block Your Number’.

The 20-year-old is all about truth. From her music – brave, bold, and unabashed – to her online persona, where she encourages her fans to own and revel in their embarrassing confessions via Instagram, the New Yorker is on a mission to cultivate some much needed “radical honesty” in the world. ‘Block Your Number’ is no different. Following in the footsteps of previous releases, it features rambling, stream-of-consciousness lyrics which encapsulate the melodrama and chaos of young relationships, and showcase her vocal range perfectly. She flickers expertly from soft and confessional to gut-punching, all in the midst of an ebbing, flowing, crescendoing production which is rich with glittering and propulsive synths.

In a world where fresh voices and perspectives are more valuabe than ever – and where voices of integrity are hard to come by – Maude Latour is a little bit of exactly what we need.

‘Block Your Number’ is out now to purchase and stream. 

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