Live Review: Boy Pablo // Rockefeller, Oslo

Boy Pablo brings out the summer vibes in snow-covered Oslo.

The Bergen band, fronted by Pablo himself, have quickly soared to the kind of indie-fame that opens up for both comical leeway and searing authenticity. Both of these aspects played out in full bloom as the boys took to stage for their massive Oslo headliner last night.

From the second Pablo and his band enters the stage, the vibe is on. With sun-tinged 80’s chords, and an infectious enthusiasm, it’s hard to get sucked into the illusion of summer, even if it’s below zero outside.

Along with their own catalogue, Boy Pablo also sparkles the set with a few known and loved covers, including Michael Jackson, Katy Perry and Norway’s own Astrid S. Whilst these covers are great in boosting the mood, it is a questionable move for a headliner show if this kind. Wouldn’t it be better time served showcasing a broader variety of their own material?

For a group with material enough to conformably fill their own set, it baffles me a little that Boy Pablo still relies on the safety crutches of familiar bops. With a sound so well-mapped out, and a stage-presence that basically transcends energy and good times, the covers are not really necessary to save the mood. Though I appreciate a beach-rock version of Post Malone’s ‘Better Now’ as much as the next white chick, I wish Pablo and his crew would’ve given me more of their own.

With radio-friendly A-listed hits like ‘Feeling Lonely’ you’re guaranteed the kind of party that a Friday night calls for, and the crowd easily gives into the bands every little wink. Throughout the set the band keeps a jovial front, dancing around stage in what appears to be a true state of bliss. This show clearly means a lot to the boys and they let the crowd in on that in the most genuine way. It’s not often you see a band so wide-eyed with excitement, and it’s honestly refreshing to see someone genuinely excited to perform.

Rounding off the Friday night party with ‘Dance, Baby’, Boy Pablo throw in one last stunt of box-climbing and shirtless solos before letting the crowd out in the cold February night. A marvellous teaser for summer, Boy Pablo capture the sunshine pop perfectly, and if they leave the sandbox-safety, they have the potential to go far.

Words by Aurora Henni Krogh

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Aurora Henni Krogh

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