Live Review: Crumb // The Dome, London – 05.12.19

Returning to London merely a year after their 2018 debut in the city, Crumb’s mesmerising psych-rock beguiles audiences in a way that few British bands have proved capable of doing.

‘Jinx’, produced by Gabe Wax (Soccer Mommy), builds on the lo-fi bedroom rock elements first explored in Crumbs self-produced EPs – ‘Locket’ and ‘Crumb’. The dynamic and experimental soundscape meanders the brooding verse of frontwoman Lila Ramani, creating an introverted tone that is both captivating and distant throughout.

Hailing from Brooklyn, Crumb have obviously dedicated every waking hour to their music, touring and recording all year round. As they stroll on stage for their final show of the tour, Crumb are met with loud whoops and applause. One can only hope that they sense the discernible buzz of the sold-out crowd who appreciate this hard work.

‘Cracking’, the twinkling and hazy opener of Jinx, eases the crowd into a mesmerising set. Ramani’s brooding vocals gracefully glide over the synergistic blend of synths, undulating drums, and slick riffs.

As the mixed bag of individuals in the crowd begin to sway, Ramani’s unique murmur proclaims “We all get lost, but we all come back” on ‘Jinx’, mirroring the band’s serene stage presence.

As the set proceeds, the little distinction between Crumb’s mellow verses (which is further accentuated by Ramani’s hushed mic) are provided by instrumental breakdowns.

A full arsenal of instruments, including the saxophone, for the jazzier numbers, are unleashed intermittently in demonstration of Crumb’s full musical range.

Despite the tiredness that comes with reaching the end of the road, the band find time to delight the crowd with personal interjections. As ‘Nina’ fades out, Ramani returns with a balloon, introducing Part III in a helium heightened voice.

Hits from their former EPs garner the most enthusiastic reception. By the time that ‘Locket’ is up the crowd are as energetic as the balloons bopping around behind the band – some even relaxed enough to sing along.

Returning to stage for ‘So Tired’ the crowd plea for more tracks from the formative EP that have been omitted from the setlist. Once liberated from the lethargic, hypnotic spell that has been cast over the night, one can agree that the set had lacked the more raucous tones of ‘Vinta’ that made Crumb and Locket so stand out. That being said, Crumb’s distinctive sound has been showcased tonight, albeit in a more languid delivery than expected.

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