Live Review: Daði Freyr // Concorde 2, Brighton – 15.06.22

Two years ago, in the midst of a global pandemic, the internet uncovered a pop song which reignited a fire in the hearts of its weary listeners.

Daði Freyr, a solo artist accompanied by his wife and members of extended family, released ‘Think About Things’, a catchy track about his first born daughter and Iceland’s entry to that year’s (later cancelled) Eurovision song contest. With its infectious melodies, snappy vocals and addictive dance routine, the track was an instant hit, and dates for Daði Freyr’s UK tour sold out in an instant.
Fast forward two years and another Eurovision entry later, and Freyr is playing to a packed out 600 capacity venue on Brighton seafront. Supported by Sunderland cheeky-chappie Mickey Callisto, the audience, already sweating from the 23 degree heat, were thoroughly warmed through by the time Freyr took to the stage. A ball of radiating energy, Callisto bounced around to bedroom pop bangers about love, space, and university students, a completely contrasting but complimenting energy from what was to follow.
Freyr himself provided 90 minutes of music and dry humour. After an accidental false first encore, the audience were treated to a large portion of Freyr’s repertoire, with a few unexpected surprises thrown in for good measure. Sauntering through a mixture of tracks varying between high and low energy, the basslines and funky synth of ‘Where We Wanna Be’ and ‘Somebody Else Now’ kept the crowd on their toes. Simultaneously, the solo vocals and guitar solos of Freyr’s bandmates, Ylva Øyen and CeaseTone, on ‘Feel The Love’ added to the collaborative feel of the performance.
Freyr’s renditions of ‘The Birdie Song’ and ‘All Stars’ elicited enthusiastic responses from the crowd, but it was his 2021 Eurovision entry, ’10 Years’, a song written about his relationship with his wife, along with ‘Think About Things’, that were clear fan favourites. Charismatic and full of humour, Daði Freyr’s performance showed the people of Brighton that the Icelandic musician is more than just that – he’s also a comedian, husband, father and much, much more.
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