Live Review: Franc Moody // Heaven, London

Holy Shit, Franc Moody are really out here playing gigs.

This was my second time seeing Franc Moody live. The first time I saw them I had never heard of them and they were opening for Chic and Nile Rodgers- that was the second time I had ever felt pure excitement verging on genuine hysteria about a band I had never seen before (the first time was IDKHOW). I waited until I heard a gig announcement and then even longer for this actual gig and I was not disappointed!

It doesn’t matter if you know one song or all of their songs, Franc Moody’s infectious stage presence makes their gig an incredible experience. I haven’t had so much fun watching a band I am not obsessed with play in such a long time- this band really has infectious passion. Every member of the band was moving like they genuinely enjoyed the music they were playing. My eyes kept returning back to the percussionist, and I wanted nothing more than to be as cool as her. Even though she was just playing percussion, her stage presence and groove elevated the whole band to a point where I was convinced I was in love (is that professional to say? No?)


The other member of Franc Moody I found really inspiring was the bassist! She had the most incredible stank bass face. More importantly- her bass lines carried the whole band. Franc Moody would not be Franc Moody without her Filthy, funky riffs. I wrote down in my notes “bass like fucking kill me” and “I’m having heart palpitations” both with the bass lines in mind. The fact that the band chose to place the bass higher in the mix makes me unfathomably happy because now I can listen to the grooviest lines to hit music. I don’t think I can express how much you need to see Franc Moody live just to hear those bass skills, you just need to do it.

Other important parts to note from Franc Moody’s performance was that it wasn’t just me having the best time. The whole crowd was dancing like they were infected with “groovy-juice”- for a band with under 5,000 followers on instagram that is an incredible feat, although, with Franc Moody you can’t help but groove.

What is so special about Franc Moody is that they don’t seem to have the pretentious stature of most bands that I have seen, even though their music is technically complex and interesting. The band seem to just be talented friends having a really fun jam session, which makes me feel like I too am part of the band. Never change, Franc Moody, please.

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