Live Review: HYYTS // All Points East 2019

HYYTS, a talented duo from Glasgow, burst into the sweltering heat of an afternoon at All Points East like a breath of fresh air.

With Adam on vocals and Sam on decks, the crooning sounds of their debut single, ‘Butterflies In My Head’, filled the air with an eclectic mix of hard base, guitar riffs, electric synth, and brass instruments.

Despite never having heard of HYYTS before, and seeing them perform live for the first time, the energy among the crowd was infectious. The interaction between Adam and Sam seemed like a familiar conversation and Adam’s flailing limbs and lively dancing had heads bobbing in the crowd.

Asking the crowd to sing for their next song was a fairly easy request, Adam jokes. And he was proved right when the mood slowed down and the soulful cry of ‘Over Bridges’ could be heard not just from the stage but the gathered crowd as well.

Ending on a high, HYYTS raised the energy by performing a crowd favourite by Shania Twain, ‘You’re Still The One’, and original song, ‘Car Crash Carnivore’, a song with roots in energetic hip-hop beats, and the standout in their set. The crowd watched on, amused as Adam joked that he’s “the whitest man alive to try to rap”.

Perhaps the most memorable quality to HYYTS was the pure happiness that they seemed to exude at playing All Points East – to sing to a crowd that, as Adam comments, is bigger than the 40 people they last performed to in Glasgow. It was a happiness that undoubtedly stayed with the crowd at the end of their show as they walked into the heat and remembered the way they danced and smiled on that sweltering stage.

Words by Elissa Burns, Photos Alexia Arrizabalaga

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