Live Review: The Libertines // The Brighton Centre – 02.10.17

The Libertines could have played pretty much anything at The Brighton Centre last Monday night (2 October) and the crowd still would have loved it. The final show in a run of seaside gigs on their humorously titled seven date ‘Tiddeley Om Pom Pom’ tour, the band were joined by special guests and Brighton locals Yonaka, Lucie Barât (Carl’s sister), and magician The Magic Mod for a night jam packed with live music and entertainment.

With classically British bunting and coloured lights adorning the stage, the band arrived to the tune of ‘I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside’ and plunged head first into just short of two hours worth of live music. With three albums under their belts (the last of which was Anthems For Doomed Youth released in 2015) and a fourth rumoured to be in the pipeline, The Libs thrashed their way through a set list bursting at the seams with their most popular tunes, and a few obscurer tracks that were thrown in there too. Pints were flying through the air and groups of fans were enthusiastically pushing to the front as the group launched into ‘Time For Heroes’, ‘Boys In The Band’ and ‘Up The Bracket’, tracks that sounded almost identical live to their recorded counterparts, and were played with as just much vigor as if they were released yesterday.

The tinny opening guitar riff of ‘What Katie Did’ sent the crowd into a frenzy, and every few minutes there would be a crowd surge as a new circle pit opened up somewhere over the other side of the room. A reel of old camera footage accompanied the iconic tones of ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’ and a sequence consisting of Carry On film clips, photo booth style pictures of the band members, and cartoon animations flashed across the screen. After rattling through ‘Gunga Din’, ‘Music When The Lights Go Out’ and ‘Bangkok’, the band left the stage for so long that the crowd questioned if they were going to return at all.

When they did finally return, the entire audience was swaying as a stripped back version of Doris Day’s ‘Dream A Little Dream of Me’ was played, before the group (not entirely unpredictably) ended the night with their most famous tune, ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’. Whatever you say about The Libertines, you can most certainly be sure that when they play live, they don’t disappoint.


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