Live review: The Big Moon // Manchester Academy 25.9.2022

The Big Moon are on the verge of something seismic – with two critically acclaimed albums under their belt, a Mercury nod and a cult following of dedicated fans.

Their third record, Here is Everything is a matter of weeks away and on a chilly autumn evening, they bring their feel-good indie bangers to Manchester, almost two years since the gig was supposed to happen.

The Big Moon are a band that we were lucky enough to catch in their genesis, and the band announced that the Manchester show is almost eight years to the day since their very first gig as a group. Having seen the four-piece in the corner of a Bristol pub many (regular sized) moons ago, watching in their evolved form is like seeing a different band. Personal and professional growth is apparent from the outset, this band are brimming with confidence and are, at this point, an exceptionally tight live unit.

The Manchester crowd are receptive of the band’s zealous positivity, broadcast to them via shimmering indie-pop and a gloriously shiny mirrorball. The Big Moon play through a glorious career-spanning set, with early cuts and brand new tunes: the new gear stands out amongst the set, with the band finding a new bigger, beefier sound. Muscular guitar parts and an air of maturity and growth are present throughout all the band’s new material: it is clear that The Big Moon are masters of their craft, having undoubtedly poured a great deal of themselves into the new material. Each new cut is met with whoops and cheers as the crowd dance and jump around to each track.

The Big Moon treats us to an a cappella intro to early number ‘Sucker’ before picking up the guitars and launching the crowd into a frenzy: they have a remarkable talent of drawing you in with emotional, personal tracks that are clearly drawn straight from life experience whilst simultaneously conducting an indie rock dance party. All the signals from The Big Moon indicate that this new record is bound to be huge, and their live presence has been honed to perfection over the last eight years.

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