Live Review: The Mowgli’s // Camden Assembly, London

Can you believe The Mowgli’s only just made it to the UK on tour? 8 years into their career they have made it across the “pond”, with a fair few fans waiting for them, and they for sure didn’t disappoint.

From go, their set felt warm and loving- like the band were really having fun. This was easily helped along by the fact that The Mowgli’s have some really fun hippy songs. The whole band was in motion, which put the crowd at ease. It was just a good time.

The Mowgli’s have a bassist that offstage would be entirely terrifying. You see guys like him at alt-rock shows, huge beards and beanies, bricks of humans, and you stay away. But the biggest surprise was seeing the bassist on stage, dancing around, grinning, and breaking the bassist rule of “looking really over it”. Nothing is a bigger pet peeve than seeing artists who are “over it”, so this immediately warmed my heart.

However great the energy was in the room it couldn’t counter the vapid nature of a few of their songs. For the middle of the set I was trying to dance along but it wasn’t the same, and whilst watching the singer Katie swaying my mind wandered… Reminding me I really needed a well-fitting pair of jeans because she had got it so right.

But does it really matter? A little I guess. But by the end of the gig the whole of the tiny venue was jumping, huge grins plastered on their faces. Yeah, maybe they look like a weird modern stunted Fleetwood Mac, but damn they’re the only band currently singing positive lyrics along to positive tunes, and that’s special.

Go see The Mowgli’s if you get the chance, just for an evening to dance in pure heart.

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Chloe Spinks

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