Magic Bronson share latest single: ‘I Don’t Know Man’

Following a slew of single releases, and a debut album last year, Magic Bronson are keeping up the momentum on the road to their second full-length LP with the release of their latest track ‘I Don’t Know Man’.

Speaking about the track, the California duo explains its unusual inspiration. “We realized(sic) we were getting a lot of comments on Youtube and our social media asking why we weren’t bigger yet... It got us thinking about what our definition of making it or what success is… ”

The track itself is fidgety and rife with nervous, foot-tapping energy, with lo-fi percussion and jaunty synths. It complements the band’s tongue-in-cheek winks at their own ambitions perfectly. On the other hand, the track manages to maintain a social conscience. The second verse shifts gear to emphasise the pressures of staying relevant in the music industry and even throws in a reference to the ‘spray-tanned’ US President.

With a sophomore album due to drop next month, Magic Bronson look set to keep providing reasons to smile through the turmoil of this year.

‘I Don’t Know Man’ is available now to purchase and stream.

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