Maude Latour drops new track, ‘Walking Backwards’

Dropping her first track of the new year, Maude Latour is back with ‘Walking Backwards’ 

Maude Latour, whose unapologetic and uncompromising brand of alt-pop has been shaking up the likes of Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist, has dropped the latest single: ‘Walking Backwards’.

Having caught our ears around the release of ‘Furniture’ last year, ‘Walking Backwardds’ is yet another personal take on love. This time she explored, at times blurry, line beterrn love and romance that exhists in friendships.

Speaking about the song Maude says: “We place such a strict structure on our relationships, trying to put them into boxes. Love is fluid, liberated, it comes in friendship, strangers we smile at, romance, family, and little conversations throughout our days. Unpacking the rigidity of these structures leads to freedom in all types of love, allowing us to recognize it everywhere. ‘Walk Backwards’ is about the depths of my best friendship. It’s the closest relationship I’ve ever had, it’s made everyone I’ve ever dated jealous and confused about its meaning. This girl is my ride or die, I’d marry her, and she’s connected to me in the deepest way any person can be.”

“The chorus to ‘Walk Backwards’ is about THAT feeling, of true utter summer sunset perfection, where I’ve drawn so much of my inspiration. It’s about watching the sunset on the West Side, but since I have to walk East, I have to walk backwards all the way home in order to watch the sun slip into the clouds. I love this image. I first thought of it whilst literally walking backwards doing exactly this, on my own during a very emotional adventure I was on, by myself in California.”

‘Walk Backwards’ is out now on all good streaming platforms.

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