Maude Latour has dropped her latest single ‘One More Weekend’

Maude Latour, whose unapologetic and uncompromising brand of alt-pop has been shaking up the likes of Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist, has dropped the latest single from her upcoming album: ‘One More Weekend’.

The track sets the story of an uncertain relationship and eventual breakup against the backdrop of driving, nuanced synth production and a cathartic chorus, with Maude’s tangential, intimate lyrics whisking her through the various stages of doubt, longing and acceptance that go hand in hand with young relationships.

Written over the course of a year, Maude’s relationship with it was complex. She explains: “I disliked the song for so long... [But] the song grew and changed over a year, each verse is a different snapshot of how it’s changed. The music gives me the complete rush of love, the over-lyrical kaleidoscope of scenes and that euphoric chorus is how love feels, it’s how youth feels, it’s how the rebuilding after loss feels. It’s about love and loss, those things are closer than I knew.

With an album in the works, Maude Latour is on the right track to becoming one of pop’s most cherished young voices.

‘One More Weekend’ is out now on all good music platforms. 


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