Oscar Welsh Unveils New Single ‘Sixteen’

Fresh from landing a spot on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist with previous track ‘S.A.D’, Suffolk-based teenager Oscar Welsh has returned with new offering ‘Sixteen’.

The dreamy quality heard in Welsh’s previous work is in full-swing here yet again; the 18 year old’s pared-down croon sitting atop a swaggering beat and sun-drenched chords. The bright vocals and infectious guitar lick are a stark contrast to the song’s rather less sunny subject matter. Speaking about the track, Welsh explains:

Sixteen is a song about a tense relationship which lasted from early teens to adulthood. I guess it just illustrates the frustration an individual has when an admirer doesn’t know when to stop chasing’.

Oscar Welsh is largley self-taught and originally started making music for fans on TikTok. But, his genre-defying tracks are a breath of fresh air, and he is quickly making a name for himself as one of the country’s most invigorating talents. ‘Sixteen’ is certainly another step in the right direction.

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Ben Kitto

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