Paul McCartney teases potential Glastonbury 2020 headline

That’s right everyone, the rumours may have been true! After years of people wondering if and when Paul McCartney would headline the iconic British festival, the ex-Beatle today tweeted what could be a huge clue of an announcement to come.

Posting a trio of photos of composer Philip Glass, actress Emma Stone and musician Chuck Berry, or Glass-Stone-Berry, Sir Paul has suddenly got the internet’s best detectives trying to figure out what this could possibly mean.

Glass-Stone-Berry… Glass-Stone-Burry… Glastonbury!

With odds that Sir Paul will headline Glastonbury’s 50th-anniversary edition currently given as 9/4, we say it’s pretty likely he’ll be heading to a pyramid-shaped stage at some point soon.

Tickets for Glastonbury 2020 have, unsurprisingly, already sold-out in record time. With some ticket drops scheduled for the near future, keep your eyes peeled on the Glastonbury socials to find out dates and details. Tickets for the festival are also available in exchange for volunteering at the festival. For more info on volunteer tickets head over to the Oxfam Festivals website.

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