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Melbourne Punk outfit, Press Club, are in the UK touring recent album Wasted Energy – their second full-length release this year. The band’s previous offering, Late Teens, took the group from an Australian suburb to worldwide acknowledgement and garnered positive attention from music press across Europe.
We caught Singer Nat Foster and Bassist Ian MacRae backstage at Reading to discuss their European tour, Wasted Energy ..and Kylie Minogue.
How many times have you been over to the UK?
IM: This is our second time, we came over in April and played about 15 gigs in the UK. We then went across to Germany and Belgium
NF: And Switzerland. That was fucking awesome.
Where have you had the best reception in Europe so far?
NF: It’s kind of a toss-up between the London and Switzerland.
IM: Switzerland takes it for me.
NF But, at the Islington in London, the crowd sang along with every word from the first track – it wasn’t even a single.
Is there anyone at Reading who you would have seen of you weren’t rushing to Leeds Festival?
NF: I’m shattered that we aren’t seeing the Distillers, they’re on Sunday here. Other than that, Pup are one of my favourite bands, we played a show with them in Australia. We were just with them backstage, I’m stoked to see them again.
Do you ever get the look around when you are touring?
NF: It’s difficult, you have to learn to appreciate the little things.

Like the dressing room?
IM: Pretty much, the dressing room, the green room and hotel mainly
NF: I like to see a bit of the culture too, I love checking out the architecture everywhere we go. We’ll have the occasional day off where we can look around the city.
What does the Melbourne music scene sound like? Over here, the main exports are Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave
NF: Haha we have been listening to Kylie non-stop for the past week. We came over here and we were like ‘Guys, shall we just put on some Kylie?!’
IM: We were sitting in our little apartment in Bethnal Green and watching Kylie music videos for like two hours.
Favourite Kylie tune?
NF: They are all bangers.
IM: They are all fucking class.. Actually we did a real deep dive and there are some shocking songs, some real real bad ones
NF: No they’re all amazing because she’s our Kylie!
Does anyone in Melbourne dislike Kylie?
IM: If you did, you wouldn’t tell anyone.
Where was the new album, Wasted Energy, recorded?
IM: Balaclava.
NF: Woodstock Studios in Balaclava.. it’s a suburb of Melbourne. I guess it is kind of a weird place name, I’d never realised why people were so interested in the name.
This is your second album of 2019, why so little time between releases?
NF: We actually released Late Teens in Australia in March 2018, we were really fortunate to team up with Hassle Records and give it a proper push overseas; develop a bit of a fanbase over here.
We also thought that, as long as we keep writing and keep on recording, we will never get that second-album syndrome.. Maybe third album syndrome will catch us!
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