Rina Sawayama has announced her arrival at Dirty Hit with an explosive video for new track ‘STFU!’.

The clip commences with a 1:40 minute sketch, in which Rina appears to be on a date with a man who repeatedly demonstrates racial ignorance and moronic insights. Rina, who is of Japanese descent, loses her shit. She attacks the antagonist in unison with the introduction of a heavy guitar riff – not traditional Dirty Hit, indie heavy – but Scuzz-heavy.

The track itself is indebted to a plethora of unmistakable early 2000’s influences, from Evanescence to nu-metal and chart-topping pop queens. STFU! is an insanely ballsy statement from Rina and Dirty Hit alike and could be the start of a very, very exciting partnership.

The words Shut The Fuck Up have never sounded so catchy.

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