RIOT Introducing: Yakima

Glasgow band Yakima create dreamy distorted tunes with tender melodies, harking back to Psychedelic Dream-pop of the 1990s.

The 4-piece have caught the attention of some well-loved names in Indie; with The Maccabees’ Felix White backing Yakima and Benji & Jon of Happyness stepping up to produce the band’s Go Virtually ep – released last week.

Yakima’s sound fuses dreamy soundscapes with a more driven drumbeat than many of your genre peers.. how does this play out in your live shows?
Our recordings mostly have that mellow/slacker thing going on, but we love to get loud in a live setting. We tend to have a bit more of a grittier sound than on record, but we do our best to make sure the melodies are always shining through. It’s all about being loud/quiet in the right places.
It’s taken us a long time to get totally comfortable with our sound when playing live, but we think we’re just about there!

How did your hookup with Happyness’ Benji & Jon come about?
We were huge fans of Happyness and followed them on social media. We happened to notice they were offering their services as producers, so we took the opportunity to send them some live demos in the hope they would be interested in working with us. We started emailing regularly from there and we ended up arranging a time to work together. We got on so well that Benji would eventually become our manager.

Essentially, we catfished them into recording us in a creepy wee haunted house in the middle of nowhere. Love you guuuuuys x

What influence did the duo have on the finished EP?
We weren’t entirely sure what to expect when they agreed to record and produce us. All we knew was that we were really excited about having their input. Luckily, we all got on really well and have stayed firm friends since.

There was loads of tips and tricks they showed us which we swore never to reveal. We were also lucky enough to have them provide some backing vocals, as well as some piano. Their experience and knowledge was integral to what became Go Virtually.

Yakima perfectly capture the feeling of fuzzy 90s dream rock, but do you draw influence from any artists that would surprise our readers?
Thanks very much, Riot Mag! We do take lots of influence from 90s bands that you can probably hear in our music. We’re lucky in the sense that we all have a core group of bands that we love, but our individual tastes differ slightly. We’re guessing that this maybe contributes to our sound?

Some of the artists we listen to that may surprise you sit on the electronic side of the spectrum. We love Squarepusher, The Field, Brian Eno, and David Byrne’s solo releases. Surprise!

Have you figured out when you will tour the release beyond the chaos of isolation?
As far as a tour is concerned, we don’t have anything set in stone yet. We have a few shows which
are yet to be announced, but who knows if they will go ahead. We’re sitting in the same boat as a lot of bands at the moment. Lots of uncertainty on how the year will pan out.

Go Virtually is available on all outlets now

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