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Glaswegian Electro-pop duo HYYTS have just signed to Warner Records and are kicking off what’s set to be a breakout year for them with anthemic new single ‘The Low Sound’.

Adam and Sam Hunter are best mates from Glasgow, who have known each other since they were 10 years old and also happen to share a surname. With a brotherhood like no other, the duo went on write music that traverses the line between pop and electronic. Chatting to Riot, the duo delve into their history, their current sound and their goals for the future.

What is the message/inspiration behind ‘The Low Sound’?

‘The low sound’ was written on the first night in my girlfriend’s new wee flat in Ibrox in Glasgow. We could hear the Foo Fighters playing a concert couple of miles away in Bellahouston park and we’re not big fans or anything it was just weird and nice. It was one of those moments where everything feels like it’s going to be ok and everything’s as it should be. Which seemed like a nice reason to write a song since most of our songs are about sad things!

How have your unique individual experiences in music – as a therapist and curator/instrumentalist- helped shape your current sound?

That’s a good question! We’re very different people which is one of the driving forces behind our music and our relationship. I think the difference in our tastes and approaches weirdly complement each other and end up with something greater than the sum of our individual parts (lol that was a very arty sentence.) I think this means that we don’t really have a strict sound and lets us be free and almost start fresh every time we get in the studio which is what excites us

Tell us about the history of your band? How did it form?

We met at a football game in Glasgow when we were 10 and have been best friends ever since! I (Adam) was always an attention hungry wee performer and did loads of acting and singing as a child and went on to go to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (fancy!) to study musical theatre.
Sam was in the nightlife and club promoting scene at the time in Edinburgh but we’d always said we wanted to live together so when I got a job up in Dundee working with record producer Gary Clark we decided to go up and live there. Then we just got drunk all the time and started making music and that’s how it happened!

Where do you see your music going in the future? What would be “the dream” for HYYTS?

Oh man, who knows?! We’re kind of living the dream already just getting to cut about and make tunes with people that we like so anything that allows us to keep doing this would be fab. We would love to play Glastonbury too, I guess that’s the dream. That and headlining the Barrowlands in Glasgow

If someone stumbles upon your music, what would you like them to take away/remember most about you and your music?

I think I would like them to remember how unbelievably hot we both are! The music is secondary

Speaking of HYYTS, asking the cliché question here but I’m honestly quite curious with this one – what does your band name mean?

Ha-ha yeah! We always get this and I wish we had a more exciting answer but honestly we just thought it looked cool to now have any vowels. We wanted to call it ‘Heights’ but that was taken so we made it arty and weird. It’s turned out to be unpronounceable which is either an idiotic move or a marketing dream- time will tell.

Finally, what’s next for you?

We have a remix and an acoustic version of this song dropping in the next couple weeks and then it’s time for our second single!! So yeah loads and loads more music coming you guys’ way (:

HYYTS’ recent single ‘The Low Sound’ is available everywhere now.

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