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Born in the Netherlands to Columbian/Spanish parents, and raised in Marbella; Thals is the living embodiment of good things coming together, and you can hear it in her approach to making music. Fusing pop-worthy hooks with a punk delivery, the artist moved to London in recent years, where her she has honed her craft.. both in songwriting & skating.

Check out her debut single, bi-lingual banger ‘DRUNK & FUCKED UP’.

What inspired you to start writing tracks in 2020?
I was lost, I had just gotten over a bit of a heartbreak, the pandemic hit and I felt really stuck. The lockdowns sort of allowed me to escape from everyone and everything in my life and focus on actually doing what I set out to do when I first arrived in London in 2018. So I devoured hundreds of youtube tutorials on how to record and produce music, spent days practicing the guitar and writing songs about what I was feeling, and used music as a form of self-help and self-analysis. I’m nowhere near a point at which I could be considered “talented” in any of these fields, but through getting back out there and meeting people, I formed a mini-team of friends that are in the music scene that have worked together with me in this. I annoy the hell out of them with my over-the-top energy but I think that’s what they like about working with me.

Has London taken you into any different musical directions, in comparison to Spain?
100%. In Spain I was completely into Reggaeton and the Top 50 hits of every passing year. I was entirely shut off from other genres and other sounds. London allowed me to open up to all of that, and now there’s just no way I could go back to being so musically closed off. These days I’m inspired by Arctic Monkeys, The Neighbourhood, Girl In Red, Clairo… and anything that falls into the whole melodramatic, teenage-angst, “cigarettes and love-ridden depression” scene.

We dig the mixture of English & Spanish in ‘Drunk & Fucked Up’, do you plan to do shows in Spain once life is back to normal?
Obviouslyyyyyyyyyyy! It’s a dream for me to be able to get together a group of people that have more talent than I do to perform my songs. Especially in Madrid – All my friends would be there, as well as all kinds of people that would be into that kind of music, I get dreamy thinking of all those people singing my lyrics at the same time.
Although In the past when I have performed I was always anxious and it never seemed to go very well – stage fright you know? I generally don’t give a shit about most things, but when there’s that many eyes looking at you… it has to get to you.

Who would be your dream collaborator?
Girl in Red!!! But mostly because I’m a fan haha
Although I would really like to collab with Dayglow as well. I watch a lot of his video tutorials and I feel like I could learn a lot from him and his production style.

What can we expect from Thals over the next year?
12 Singles, 4 EP’s, 2 High-Concept Albums, 17 Piano Concertos and an Opera.
Hahaha nah but Definitely an EP or two, plenty of singles, and at some point a kickflip that doesn’t end with my face on the concrete.

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