RIOT Introducing: Greta Isaac

It’s rare that a pop artist comes out of the gates with such a confidence in showcasing their range of influences. Greta Isaac isn’t like most pop artists, however. Recent single, ‘Pessimist’, takes her sound into a sweet, melodic direction which beautifully juxtaposes the thumping tracks that populate her growing setlist.

Taken from her forthcoming EP of the same name, ‘Pessimist’ marries muted guitars and an introspective verse with a call-to-arms chorus that, despite its title, evokes nothing but sonic positivity.

Firstly, what can we expect from your forthcoming EP?
Be prepared for uncomfortable truths, a ton of harmonies and feeling sorry for myself through the medium of song : )
‘Pessimist’ shows such a change in tempo from your recent single ‘Emmanuel’ – are intentionally keeping your fans on their toes with this sonic contrast?
Ooo interesting – no I don’t think I’m intentionally doing that. But I do enjoy listening to and creating a wide range of songs. I think what ties everything together for me is this mix of really euphoric soundscapes with sad and haunting undertones so I think I try and keep that consistent through the music I make.
You have a close team of writers & producers who you work with, how does the creative process work?
Yes! I work with 3 of my dearest friends. I feel like I can really trust them with the direction of the music while also feeling comfortable enough to say nah that doesn’t work whenever those moments come up. Matt my producer will tend to come up with a beat that sparks a ton of inspiration, and then me, Martin and Mark will bounce off of each other with melodies and lyrics. Then when it comes to tracking vocals (which I hate lol) I’ll just stack a bunch of harmonies that I would’ve been mulling over throughout the session. And then a song is birthed into the world ! Be free my child.
How has l*ckdown affected your creative flow?
It’s actually weirdly made it better?! I feel like I work quite well with 0 pressure and that’s what lockdown (especially the first one) allowed for me. I got to relax creatively and actually just let my intuition guide me towards the things I genuinely wanted to do. I’ve been incredibly lucky in that sense and I’m forever grateful for that time in my life.
Your new EP is out via MADE, who have ties with Aurora and Sigrid, how did the opportunity present itself?
I met my now A&R Danny when I was 15 or 16 and I think he’d been keeping tabs on what I’d been up to musically since then. Danny then moved over to Made Records and I then signed the deal with them back in 2019 and we’ve been slowly building up this EP over the last 2 years. They’re a lovely team to work with and they’ve really trusted me with the artistic direction of the project, which truly means the world.
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