RIOT Introducing: Lozeak

London-via-Norwich newcomer Lozeak has grabbed the pop world by the balls, following her debut single ‘Word Vomit‘.

With her second release, ‘Hate Me Too’ (out today), Lozeak adds a little punk aggression to her hyperactive pop: a move that will please a growing fanbase which includes Frank Carter and Bring Me The Horizon‘s Oli Sykes.

This hefty pool of influence shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the artist grew up on a diet of Luther Vandross, Drum n Bass and Avril Lavigne, before discovering a whole world of new musical possibilities via TikTok.

After garnering an unignorable following online, Lozeak is now releasing her music through the iconic Parlophone Records and things are looking rather exciting, with a spot at Norwich’s Neck of the Woods Festival already confirmed, and a whole stack of other bookings soon to follow..

It’s unusual to see a fresh artist from Norwich cause quite so much excitement, what kind of shape is the music scene in Norwich like? Is it more lively than we think?

I think people definitely underestimate the musical talent in smaller areas. Even though music wasn’t really seen as a proper subject at school, when I started music college at 16 there were a lot of talented musicians. I think less people emerge from smaller cities/villages because of the schools we grow up in- growing up in Norwich, it was hard to be taken seriously by teachers and peers as a teen who believed music was an actual job.

How have you made the journey from TikTok uploader to buzzy pop name? Have there been any key moments that have boosted this development?

I’m really lucky to have such an amazing group of people that follow me, they’ve definitely been a key part of this journey in music. Because music has been my focus my entire life, people on the platform can see this in my music and my TikTok posts. People on TikTok see straight through things, and because I have put everything into my music, it has basically become a part of my identity & my personality on the platform, which they are familiar with.

Your sound sits between so many genres, do you generally look more towards the pop world? or rock world for inspo?

I can never quite place which genre my music is inspired by most, it’s definitely a mix of everything!! I grew up on lots of rock music that my parents played, and as I discovered pop music myself I naturally combined both when writing my own music.

We are really into the ‘Paranormal Activity’ vibe in the new video for ‘Hate Me Too’, how long did the video process take? Did you collaborate with a team?

Thankkkss! It only took a few hours, at the shoot it was just me, Alex (my manager) & Alice who is the digital& creative content producer at parlophone. Alice came up with the setting idea & created all the effects herself which was sick. Me and Alice just vibed with what we had and ended up with a siiick video. We just had a really fun time tbh!!

What does 2022 have in store for Lozeak?

More music!! Definitely live shows which i’m buzzing for and hopefully merch!

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