RIOT’s Release Radar #013

Here’s a question for the times. Is it better to be in lockdown alone? Or with one other person?

Week one is all margaritas and movies nights, but what happens after the honeymoon period? When it’s all washing up arguments and finding annoyances in the way they eat, speak and breathe?

Let’s take some time out. Lock that bathroom door, point the shower head to the wall and enjoy this week’s release radar.


Laurie from Slaves has aired his new side project, LARRY PINK THE HUMAN. We’re all over this first release and can’t wait to hear where Laurie and Producer Jolyon Thomas take LARRY next.

The 1975 // If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)

Finally Matty Healy & Co. have released this touring favourite. If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know) is vintage 1975; the track would be as comfortable on I Love It When You Sleep, as it is alongside their new releases.

Hazel English // Like A Drug

Oakland’s Hazel English returns with her sophomore album, Wake UP! Hooking up with some pretty noteworthy producers, the dream-pop LP is definitely worth a listen.

Childe // Bad Ideas

This guy is a bit of a mystery. Appearing out of nowhere, the cover art for this track shows the singer at 14, looking worse for wear after his Dad has given him a spliff. How’s that for a sleeve note?

Hotel Lux // Ballad of You & I

Hotel Lux hit the headlines earlier this year, as posterboys for UK artists who lost out to SXSW’s cancellation. With a tasty catalogue of tracks already, this release is as sunny as Hotel Lux get and we love it.

Charli XCX // Claws

The millennial’s very own Spice Girl is back, this time with Claws. This autotune-heavy number is future-pop at it’s finest.

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