RIOT Release Radar: #030

Shall we talk about the new lockdown rules? Or is everybody bored of that one?

Ok, I’ll proceed.

Yes, we need to control this virus and work together to eradicate the virus.. but how come we are allowed to commute to work in a tube carriage full of strangers, whilst being unable to socialise with more than a handful of our friends?

Coming next week: some light-hearted, *non-covid* content.

Shame // Alphabet
Talk about an artist coming along when the world needs them the most. Hoards of people have been awaiting Shame’s return and they have maintained the same energy that made us fall in love with their debut album ‘Songs of Praise’.

Wallows // Nobody Gets Me (Like You)
Wallows have announced their Remote EP with a solid banger. Calling on pop-punk influences whilst holding onto their lo-fi Indie charm, this is well worth a listen.

Janelle Monae // Turntables
Queen Janelle has released ‘Turntables’ to soundtrack new Amazon documentary All In: The Fight for Democracy, and we can’t imagine a more fitting anthem. “Got a new agenda, with a new dream/I’m kickin’ out the old regime/Liberation, elevation, education”. What’s not to like.

Paul Epworth // Twenty Second Century ft. Lianne La Havas
Famous for hos production work with artists such as Adele, Paul Epworth has released his own trippy LP Voyager. Featuring collaborations with Vince Staples & Ty Dolla $ign, as well as some insane soundscapes, this is a record that can truly take you away.

Sad Night Dynamite // Killshot
Another act who are building a whole lotta hype for themselves, Sad Night Dynamite are the Glastonbury duo who are throwing just about every genre into the mix. Check out their 4-track release from earlier this year.

Yellow Days // The Curse ft. Mac Demarco
A slacker-pop match made in heaven. Soaked in a soulful 70’s groove, Yellow Days have hit up the mighty Mac DeMarco ahead of their new album – arriving at the end of this week.

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