Riot Release Radar: #032

A distinct lack of social opportunities and ongoing worldwide armageddon has caused this to be the scariest Halloween in living memory.

We hope that you’ve managed to make the most of the weekend – be it through socially-distanced, pre-curfew funtimes at the pub, or just dressing up in your sexy cat costume and watching Match of the Day at home. Plenty of new music is coming out right now, so let’s look on the bright side. Kick off your shoes, catch up with our release radar and sit tight for Lockdown II: Electric Boogaloo.

Bakar // 1st Time
Bakar has been nothing if not prolific since his debut offering ‘Big Dreams’ in 2017. Once a rough ‘n’ ready DIY artist, ‘1st Time’ sees Bakar continue his transition into a dark horse in the pop sector.

Babeheaven // In My Arms
This slow-burner is a strong track in its own right, but throw in the guitar solo at 3:20 and Babeheaven have released a top tier single. Also worth paying a visit to their live performance of ‘In My Arms’ for NTS.

GENGAHR // IICARUSS (Let’s Eat Grandma rework)
Gengahr have made some great contributions to music over the past twelve months. One could even argue that the East Londoners have not been given the attention that they deserve in recent times. This EP of reworks, however, highlights just how strong these songs are, and it’s fair to say that there are very few songs out there that we wouldn’t want to hear Let’s Eat Grandma cover.

Tourists // Another State
Tourists have come to adopt a kind of indie-hero status, since their first EP in 2013. ‘Another State’ is a potent mixture of shoegaze and tranquil synth-pop; a faultless soundtrack to accompany these pre-winter nights.

Laundromat // Bureau de Fatigue
Appearing from nowhere earlier this year, Toby Hayes is compiling a strong collection of tracks under his Laundromat guise. ‘Bureau de Fatigue’ is a 90s throwback that channels the outsider energy of early Beck.

The Nagging Doubts // Berlin
Aussie post-punks The Nagging Doubts have announced their sophomore EP, Autocalm. With a far more spacious, cold delivery than previous release, Deug Lane, the guys have fully captured the original spirit of the genre.

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  • The Nagging Doubts rule! Berlin and Marine are not one, but TWO, of the very best songs I’ve heard in shitty 2020!!

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