Riot Release Radar: #034

Kylie Minogue has become the first female to score a UK number one album in five different decades, through her new release: Disco.

With this being her eighth number one album, Queen Kylie has also leapfrogged the likes of Elton John, George Michael and Cliff Richard (metaphorically, obviously). Kylie has famously leapfrogged both Elton & George at one of EJ’s award show bashes, but Cliff refused to partake in the silliness.

Drug Store Romeos // Jim, Let’s Play
If Sarah Downey’s delicate and soothing vocals can’t get us through this period of turbulence, then nothing can. Extra points for closing the song with a reference to a ‘Gemini communicator’ (a smart phone that looks a little like a Blackberry).

Do Nothing // Glueland
One of – if not the – the best new guitar bands of 2020. Do Nothing keep up their tidy track record on ‘Glueland’, with smart lyrics holding on for dear life as they ride a soundbed that has a mind of its own.

Spang Sisters // Eddie Murphy
Bristol/Brighton/London duo Spang Sisters have fused the sweetest components of ten genres to create this ode to Eddie Murphy. The track’s video has been selected for screening at London Short Film Festival and depicts a romance between a sausage and a fish finger – what’s not to like?

TSHA // Renegade
TSHA’s presence on the UK music radar is becoming harder and harder to ignore. Her Flowers EP came out this week, and consists of four solid bops – including features from Gabrielle Aplin, Ell Murphy and Trio Da Kali.

TV People // String
Capturing that frosty Dublin punk sound, TV People should be near the top of your list once live shows resume. Frontman Paul Donohoe sounds like Interpol covering The Murder Capital, and we’re here for it.

Pondarosa // As You Think
Hailing from both Liverpool and Manchester; Pondarosa take the weight of heavy musical heritage in their stride, with 80s pop synths adorning this lovable new offering.


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