Riot Release Radar: #035

OK, let’s not get carried away, but this COVID vaccine is looking pretty promising. Alongside this development, Glastonbury have strongly hinted that they are planning to get a festival in place for 2021.

Actually screw it, let’s get carried away.. all aboard the vaccine train. Next stop: everything being good again, forever!

Shame // Water in the Well
With new album Drunk Tank Pink arriving in January, Shame are leading the charge to make 2021 a much more promising year than 2020.


Biig Piig // Feels Right
Jessica Smyth has been releasing music relentlessly this year and ‘Feels Right’ is a chilled, RnB-informed number with a thumping little bassline to accompany the chorus. 

Hauskey // Silver Lining
2020 breakthrough Hauskey has dropped his debut EP. Named after his first single, ‘Slow’, this 6-track release is full of Aussie slacker bops that will see you through these bleak winter nights.

Dry Cleaning // Scratchcard Lanyard
“I’ve come here to make a ceramic shoe and I’ve come to smash what you made.” Just like its video, Scratchcard Lanyard plays the surreal against the hyper-real to create another Dry Cleaning masterpiece.

Premium Leisure // Ready For Forever
Oxford artist Premium Leisure conjures some groovy optimism on ‘Ready For Forever’ – the second track to be released through South London’s new Plum Cuts label.

Barley Passable // Step Inside
The second Aussies to grace this week’s radar, Barley Passable make indie dance tunes with irresistible instrumental hooks. Think Parcels meets… Dua Lipa?

Moa Moa // Spinning
South London’s Moa Moa have channelled some early Tame Impala through their new track ‘Spinning’. With debut single ‘Yellow Jacket’ picking up some strong acclaim, James Ratcliffe & Co could have a very busy 2021 on their hands.




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