Riot Release Radar: #036

This week we say goodbye to a once in a lifetime public figure. Diego Maradona proved that success appears in all forms, and – with raw talent and star quality – even a stout man who necks a couple of pints before a match can personify greatness.

After a good few decades of smashing cocaine and legging it around a football pitch for a living; it would be incorrect to say that we are *surprised* as such about Diego’s heart attack. But we as a world are privileged to have witnessed the life of such an icon. RIP to football’s true rockstar.

..That handball against England was out of order though.

King Princess // Pain

King Princess has been collecting fans from every direction since she first shook up the music world a couple of years ago. ‘Pain’ is co-produced by Mark Ronson, KP’s second collaboration with the producer in recent months.

The Lounge Society // Burn The Heather

The Lounge Society have finally shared their much-anticipated follow up to ‘Generation Game’. ‘Burn The Heather’ showcases the band’s affinity with funk & disco and continues Hebden Bridge’s great streak of musical output, carving out a lethal scene alongside Working Men’s Club and The Orielles.

Cosha // Berlin Air

Cosha’s full length debut R.I.P Bonzai has been criminally under-appreciated since its 2018 release, and she’s returned in 2020 with a handful of tracks that more than live up to the promise that we saw on Bonzai.

Honey Lung // Room

Honey Lung’s moody shoegaze is the perfect soundtrack as these nights draw in. With a stripped-back scuzz and perfectly minimal guitar solo, ‘Room’ is a full 90s throwback and we are here for it.

NewDad // I Don’t Recognise You

We are staying on the shoegaze train for one of 2020’s most exciting new offerings, NewDad. We have had the Irish quartet’s previous single ‘Blue’ on repeat this year, and ‘I Don’t Recognise You’ is definitely joining the heavy rotation.

Nadia Sheikh // Fire Away

Nadia describes ‘Fly Away’ as her “love letter to the crowd”. As we all await the return of live music, I think we can all relate to a tune that celebrates the romanticism of sweaty audiences and plastic pints. Check out Nadia’s EP from this year; Everybody Hears but No One’s Listening.

Polary // Nothing In Common

Swaggering riffs and massive choruses, Polary this week returned with their latest single, ‘Nothing In Common’. Think The Wombats meet Matty Healy and you’ve got your man.

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