RIOT Release Radar: #039

Thank god we have left the chaos of 2020 in the past. Minus an angry mob overthrowing the American congress and a Jamiriqui lookalike taking to the speakers podium, this first week of 2021 appears decidedly ordinary.

Some things don’t merely change at the switch of a calendar, however. The ‘rona continues wreak havoc left, right & centre. So wash those hands, stay indoors and wait for this all to blow over with a our first release radar of the new year.

Viagra Boys // Girls & Boys
Viagra Boys have kicked off 2021 with the release of their new album Welfare Jazz. The LP is a trip through all of your favourite genres, via the Swedish ensemble’s irreverent punk delivery.


Black Honey // Believer
Consistent as ever, Black Honey have dropped the final single before their new album, Written & Directed. Vocalist Izzy B. Phillips says she “made this record for young women to feel invincible” – and who can argue with that.

Bill Callahan & Bonnie “Prince” Billy // Miracles (feat. Ty Segall)
Talk about an Avengers of leftfield bangers. Bill, Bonnie & Ty have teamed up for a brooding gem of a single. As well as this Johnnie Frierson cover, you should check out their recent rendition of Lou Reed’s ‘Rooftop Garden‘.

Arlissa // Rules
Arlissa channels 90s RnB with danceable pop choruses. Having recently broken free of her deal with Def Jam, the London native is dropping her new EP in February and it’s worth checking out.

Valley Maker // No One Is Missing 
South Carolina’s Valley Maker makes country-informed tunes that deliver the genre to modern ears with the same effortless charisma as Kurt Vile. His forthcoming album is out next month and is guaranteed to dissipate some lockdown anxiety.

chemical club // Everything I Know 
An amalgamation of 80s delights, with a forward-thinking intelligence to their lyrics. Layers of synth, a drum machine and a sprinkle of Julian Casablancas make for a lovable release from a relatively new duo.

Katz // The Last American Virgin
Surf-rock has been given a kick up the arse from Manchester’s lo-fi outfit, Katz. *Niche reference incoming*: Katz bring the same rough n ready energy that Aussie band Bleeding Knees Club offered a decade ago.

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