RIOT Release Radar: #041

Ok it’s happened. Glastonbury has been cancelled for a second year; bursting our comfy bubble of delusion that this whole palaver may be put to bed by summer.

With a heap of festivals (including End of the Road & Reading) still planned for later in the year – and vaccines rolling out non-stop – we can only hope that we will have a big, fat payoff later in the year.

And for the love of Christ, can we all make sure Michael Eavis stays wrapped up indoors until this all blows over.

Nilüfer Yanya // Day 7.5093
Nilüfer’s home footage has made us nostalgic for better times. This track is lifted from her recent Feeling Lucky EP, which holds its own against the high standards set by her debut Miss Universe album.

Yard Act // Dark Days
The past 18 months has seen a real surge in witty Indie outfits that toe the line between spoken word and singing – and we’re here for it. Crammed with dry humour and hook-heavy guitars, the Leeds band are putting a pretty strong setlist together.

Honey Lung // Oh So Real
This is how it would sound if Billy Corgan dropped the conspiracy theory shit, then joined Dinosaur Jr – which is a musical compliment of the highest esteem. Head over to Honey Lung’s YouTube to catch them perform a live show on Friday 29th Jan, we’ll be there to meet you in the e-mosh pit.

Lynks // Everyone’s Hot (And I’m Not)
We caught Lynks live before and can say with absolute sincerity that it is an experience to behold. Like some kind of Gen-Z Pokémon, Lynks is just about the most unique artist doing the rounds right now.

Brodka & Scottibrains // Wrong Party
What a collaboration. Scottibrains (a super-group of sorts consisting of Speedy Wunderground’s Dan Carey and members of the label’s extended family) have joined Poland’s finest pop export of this jangly little banger.

Will Jospeh Cook // We Met On The Internet
With snow casting a dreamy blanket across much of England this week, let’s forget about the state of the world, frolic the the park and exist in our own rom-com for exactly 1 minute & 38 seconds.

Bored At My Grandma’s House // Sometimes I Forget You’re Human Too
BAMGH is shaking up the world of lo-fi indie with wistful bangers coming at you via Clue Records. ‘Sometimes I Forget You’re Human Too’ is the titular track from her forthcoming EP, due 5th Feb.

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