RIOT Release Radar: #042

This week we say goodbye to the artist SOPHIE.

In an industry where the word ‘unique’ is used so readily, SOPHIE personified the term. Making an immeasurable impact, not only on a whole generation of experimental pop creators, but on trans visibility within the artform. SOPHIE has left a tremendous legacy and genuine artistic influence in her wake. RIP.

Here are our top tracks from the past seven days.

Do Nothing // Uber Alles
Do Nothing’s Zero Dollar Bill EP was one of our highlights from 2020, and the band have confirmed their follow-up for 12th March. ‘Uber Alles’ sees Do Nothing broaden their sound with some darker tones to accent their guitar-led indie.

Squid // Narrator (feat. Martha Sky Murphy)
How is this for an album announcement? 8 minutes of build-up leads to an earth-shaking crescendo that screams out for a live stage. Debut album Bright Green Field arrives in May, and promises eleven new tracks.

Bad Sounds // Move into Me (feat. Broods)
It’s impossible not to love the music that these guys make. Linking up with New Zealand’s Broods for this seductive number, Bad Sounds are sonically maturing in front of our eyes and we are here for it.

Mosa Wild // Cry Baby
Somewhat aptly, Mosa Wild’s return looks at the complicated relationship that we all have with change. “It’s either something we welcome or dread,” says frontman Jim Rubaduka. “I’ve always been fascinated with our reaction to change and the constant push and pull between wanting things to go back to how they were, stay the same or change.”

ĠENN // Feel
Brighton genre-benders ĠENN have dropped new single ‘Feel’, ahead of their new EP in March. Taking inspiration from 70s psych and rock, before giving the sound a modern kick up the arse, we recommend checking out their debut LP, the fantastically names Titty Monster.

Spang Sisters // The Ballad of Joyce Vincent
Written about Joyce Vincent, who was found in her London bedsit almost 3 years after her death, this track taps into the real essence of the lockdown blues; the fear that we have been forgotten by the outside world. Spang Sisters are putting their dreamy blend of folk, RnB & jazz on record for the first time in May.

Barley Passable // Turnaround
Barley Passable use infectious funk and synths to create tunes that evoke an immediate sense of timelessness. With their Aussie roots and disco-ready bangers, the duo will always draw comparisons to the likes of Parcels; but that can never be a bad thing!

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