RIOT Release Radar: #048

A wee bumper edition this week, with eight of the best new tracks to be released into the world. A Happy Mother’s Day indeed.

The Horrors // Whiplash
The goth little brothers of 00s indie are are not only staying relevant, but sounding more exciting than ever. The Horrors dropped their new Lout EP this week and we cannae wait to see these tunes on a stage very soon.

Crumb // Trophy
Lila Ramani and co. get better with every release, and we’ve waited far too long for new tunes. Check out that bass line on new cut ‘Trophy’.

Famous // Stars
How many more ways can London reinvent postpunk? Famous have been making a name for themselves underground for a couple of years now. In fact, they’re most likely your favourite new band’s favourite new band.

Matilda Cole // Stay Awake
The intimate vocal of lo-fi bedroom pop, with the earworm production of a big-budget banger. Matilda Cole has three tracks out to date and her repertoire is shaping into a rather tasty setlist.

Ade // Havin’ Fun With Pharaoh
With his debut album Midnight Pizza out in April, New York’s Ade is whipping up a woozy cocktail of wonky psych pop and lofty synths. Light that bbq and open a beer; it’s starting to feel like summer.

ĠENN // Mackerel’s Funky Mission
We’ve always said there are not enough tracks about becoming a fish and having adventures. Brighton’s ĠENN have delivered what they promise, with a funky and irresistibly fun bop. Check out their full Liminal album at the end of March.

Bedrooms // For Today
Not to be confused with fellow shoegazers BDRMM, Bedrooms have harnessed hazy grunge and early 90s soft-rock harmonies to really capture a feeling. You know a song is top tier when it makes you nostalgic for a scene that you were not born to experience.

BSÍ // 25Lue
Let Iceland’s BSÍ take you away with this song and video, as 80s synth chords and a fuzz vocal combine to evoke a feeling that is hard to resist. Debut album Sometimes depressed … but always antifascist is out in May.

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