RIOT Release Radar: #054

This weekend has seen the first major gig of the year take place, as Blossoms performed to a crowd of 5,000 without masks or social distancing. Time will tell whether this experiment was a success or not, but the scenes within the Liverpool tent looked nothing short of euphoric; even the bafflingly beige indie of The Lathums looked downright bearable. Roll on freedom!

Cola Boyy // Kid Born in Space (feat. MGMT)
California’s Cola Boyy has shared the first taste of his debut album, with a little help from MGMT – who will be releasing the LP through through their MGMT Records label. A dreamy slice of psychedelic pop

Phoebe Green // IDK
Phoebe has picked up backing from every publication going in recent years, and this moody banger is more than worthy of the plaudits.

Wings of Desire // Better Late Than Never
James & Chloe, formerly of the promising, but ultimately ill-fated punk-rockers INHEAVEN, are releasing tunes again. Check out Wings of Desire’s catalogue, which exhibits a more hazy, retrospective feel than their last outfit.

Bedrooms // in yer pocket
Dublin’s Bedrooms have just released their wistful Afterglow EP, produced by the king of modern solum songsmithery, Bill Ryder-Jones.

Noon Garden // Decca Divine
With nostalgic visuals and the joyful ping of 80s electropop, Flamingods’ Charles Prest has announced his debut album as Noon Garden, due out in November.

LearningToDive // Tainted (feat. Bravo Bonez)
Lifted from their Norwegian Pop LP, LearningToDive delivers some stone-cold New Wave in the form of ‘Tainted’. Think HMLTD meets Roxy Music.

LOVE TRULS // Trembling Hands (feat. Siri Gunrup Järvinen)
18-year-old Swede Truls Söderman Carlberg has been picking up attention in his homeland, and deservedly so. LOVE TRULS’ debut Kantande Wanai EP will be out in June.

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