RIOT Release Radar: #055

This week saw The BRITs dominating the headlines. Taylor Swift picked up that trophy that artists get to congratulate them on how famous they are and Dua Lipa made an impassioned speech on behalf of frontline workers (yes; we all remember that she spent a good chunk of lockdown on holiday whilst everybody else suffered in England, and no; nobody seems to mind). And that is the BRITs roundup for another year.

Let’s pay NHS staff more, open a beer and read this week’s Release Radar.

Wolf Alice // No Hard Feelings
Our third taster from Wolf Alice’s forthcoming album showcases Ellie Rowsell’s charming songwriting and choral vocals perfectly. Anyone else getting a little hint of Toothpaste Kisses?

Reading duo VALERAS are back with a thump. ‘Rita’ is a powerpop-charged ode to female empowerment.

Peeping Drexels // Bloody Gums
Having previously supported the likes of Fat White Family, Peeping Drexels channel a similar brand of artistic debauchery. Their Bad Time EP came out today and it is full of irresistibly deranged gems.

Edgar // Paid Off
Like many of the most interesting creatives making music today, Edgar runs his own label, 22Twenty. Check out Edgar’s brand new EP wHAT a HooT, and definitely check out 22Twenty’s roster of genre-blending artists.

Barnaby Keen // Trust Me
Following his dreamy debut single, Lay Our Cards, Barnaby has shared the hypnotic ‘Trust Me’, written about a Romanian body builder that he dated, what’s not to like??

push baby // Cry
And now for something completely different. Alternative pop duo push baby have this knack for channeling both anxiety and hyperactivity in absolute abundance. Watch the video in full for a jarring experience that you will play on repeat.

Olivia O. // All I Want
Dirty Hit’s Olivia O makes melodic alt-pop through the filter of wistful shoegaze. Does lo-fi get any more charming than this?

Horsey ft. King Krule // Seahorse
Cue closing credits for this week’s release radar, and what better track to end on? Released on one of the UK’s most exciting record labels, Untitled Records, Horsey have fused their apocalyptic brand of guitar with King Krule’s unmistakable vocal delivery.

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