RIOT Release Radar: #057

The man, the myth, the legend Bob Dylan turned 80 this week.

One of the few rockstars who has truly grown into his wizened folk persona with age, last year’s album Rough and Rowdy Ways proved that he is still writing with the same uniquely single-minded commentary as ever.

Glamorous as it may be to die young in the rock world, let’s raise a toast to the pantheon of heroes who are still doing their thing with releases that keep the conversation alive. Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Patti Smith, George Benson and a ton of other legends who have chosen artistic pursuit over retirement, this one’s for you.

LARRY PINK THE HUMAN offer another sonic left turn with this introspective synth-pop number. ‘NO WRONG NO RIGHT’ coincides with the ticket drop for duo’s debut live shows.

Dope Lemon // Rose Pink Cadillac
Any day now, Angus Stone will get the credit he so richly deserves. With a retro guitar swing and self-assured vocal swagger, ‘Rose Pink Cadillac’ is vintage Dope Lemon.

The Academic // Kids (Don’t End Up Like Me)
Singer Craig Fitzgerald wrote this tune in his teens, before rediscovering it in lockdown. With festivals returning, this summer could be a big one for The Academic.

Audiobooks // The Doll
Forever pushing things forward, Audiobooks’ first release in a couple of years doesn’t disappoint. A little bit of Crystal Castles, a little bit of LCD Soundsystem, Audiobooks’ sophomore album will arrive in October.

Lime Garden // Sick & Tired
Released via the new So Young Records, Lime Garden pack anxious subject matter into a juxtaposing breezy sound. The Brighton band have a busy autumn ahead, supporting Katy J Pearson & Junodream on some extensive tour dates.

Maple Glider // Baby Tiger
Maple Glider (AKA Tori Zietsch) wrote ‘Baby Tiger’ after striking up a bond with her friend’s cat, Coriander, in a period of poor mental health. Check out Tori’s beautiful track and Coriander’s acting debut in the track’s video below.

featured image: Stewart Baxter

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