RIOT Release Radar: #059

Ok, cards on the table. What with three international football matches per day taking place, and the twenty-something degree heat outside, the release radar is a little late.

Best tunes of [last] week below. Stay hydrated. Stay sun-creamed. It’s coming home.

Clairo // Blouse
July 16th will see Clairo take her turn with producer of the moment, Jack Antonoff, for her new album Sling. This first cut debuted on The Tonight Show, as Clairo continues her ascendency to global queen of lo-fi pop.

Olivia O // Brittle
Lowertown’s Olivia O. has released her new Great Big Nothing EP. Claustrophobic production and perfect melodies fight it out throughout the six tracks to make for one of 2021’s best new releases so far.

Folly Group // Butt No Rifle 
Another new EP for ya shopping list. London boys Folly Group have just dropped Awake & Hungry via So Young Records, featuring this frantic banger

The Greeting Committee // Can I leave Me Too?
Hailing from Kansas, The Greeting Committee are already causing a stir in the US with their country-tinged indie tunes. TGC have already toured with Bombay Bicycle Club, so hopefully we’ll see them on this side of the pond sooner, rather than later.

WOOZE // Witch Slap (IOU)
There is so much going on in this 2 minute banger! WOOZE combine a little glam-rock, with some sharp, pop-facing hooks and *chef’s kiss*.

Fake Turins // Down!
From the second this drum beat is laid down, you know this is gunna be good. Fake Turins make psychedelic disco-punk which leave us yearning for the venue dancefloor. Grab ticket to catch them at The Lexington in July.

Paper Birch // Cemetery Moon 
..And cue the closing credits for this week’s radar. How beautiful is this from London/Glasgow duo Paper Birch? If Cocteau Twins & Suicide made a little noise-rock baby, it would sound a little like this.


photo credit: Adrian Nieto

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