RIOT Release Radar: #060

Look. We’re all thinking it, so I’m just going to go ahead and say it…


How many tunes galvanise a feeling like this? With a life-affirming upswing in the verse which is almost Disney-esque, the catchy af chorus hook and the most simple lyrics to ever hit this hard.

There is surely a difference between jingoism and patriotism. And admittedly England might not have all that much to be proud of in recent years. But ‘Three Lions’ is a song about how good things could be. ‘Three Lions’ represents England United: a community-spirited mecca where a little slice of optimism grants entry for life.

Obviously the sunburnt bellends throwing chairs around a European plaza spoil it a tad, but don’t blame the bloody song.

Parcels // Free
After releasing one of last decades best albums, Parcels have returned with ‘Free’. The easy-breezy ‘Free’ sees the Aussie band evolving their nostalgia-driven sound just in time for summer. Free indeed.

Yves Tumor // Jackie
Genre-bending maverick Yves Tumor has shared a single & video that demands your attention. Alt-pop, 90s rock and electronica all contribute to ‘Jackie’, as Yves retains his title as one of the world’s most exciting artists.

Wet Leg // Chaise Longue
Domino’s new signing Wet Leg have just dropped an absolute gem. ‘Chaise Longue’ slaps like a self-aware, indie-rock Ting Tings and we’ve had this track on repeat for days.

Chubby and the Gang // Coming Up Tough
Status Quo guitars with a badass punk vocal. West London’s Chubby and the Gang have us gagging for the mosh pit.

Half Moon Run // It’s True
Canadian indie-folk royalty Half Moon Run have today shared their Inwards & Onwards EP. The trio have been picking up award nods throughout lockdown, so perhaps their newly announced 2022 London show should be one for your shopping list.

Cathy Jain // Cool Kid
Plaudits are coming in thick & fast for 17-year-old Cathy Jain, and we can see why. Fusing laid-back pop with a touch of psychedelia, summer has truly arrived.

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