RIOT Release Radar: #062

Don’t be convinced by the minority of sunburnt xenophobes who are piping up on the socials. Euros fever has grabbed England by the balls and it has cast a blanket of positivity over a country which has lacked it in over recent years. This isn’t about 22 men kicking balls around a pitch, it’s the story of a country of 55 million celebrating a common goal in the face of the ever-growing list of things that divide us.

I mean, obviously it’s a little bit about the 22 men kicking balls around a pitch.. but mostly it’s that thing I said about the commonality.

Best tunes of the week below.

Amyl and The Sniffers // Guided By Angels
Having spent the entirety of lockdown imprisoned together in a house with “sick green walls”, Amyl and The Sniffers are back with punk banger ‘Guided By Angels’. Their time in isolation has also birthed a sophomore album, and Comfort To Me is due out in September.

Rejjie Snow, Tinashe & grouptherapy. // Disco Pantz
This team of avengers have just dropped one of the feel good tunes of the summer. A little funk, mixed with RnB vocals and Rejjie’s brand of alt-rap makes ‘Disco Pantz’ one hell of a replayable track.

Liz Lawrence // Down for Fun
Who better to release “a rallying declaration and a promise of strength for all teenage girls who are feeling sidelined” than the unshakeably consistent Liz Lawrence? New album The Avalanche arrives in Sep.

Self Esteem // Prioritise Pleasure
Endlessly likeable pop personality Rebecca Taylor has confirmed that her new album, Prioritise Pleasure, will be available from October. And it’s title track is just about as monumental as album announcements get.

Wings of Desire // Choose A Life
Ever feel like you are engaged in an endless pursuit of more? More material goods? More short term gratification? Leave these anxieties behind and take Wings of Desire’s advice: ‘Choose A Life’.

Miloe // Solo
Minneapolis resident Miloe shared this cover to celebrate Congolese Independence Day. ‘Solo’ is proof that sometimes even the most minimalist recordings can stop the world spinning for 4mins. Check out Miloe’s debut Greenhouse EP here.

Fake Turins // Talking Prophets
Buckle up and join Fake Turins for a five and a half minute journey through time and space. Whilst you’re at it, catch the North London collective performing at London’s 00:01 festival next week, where Dominic Rose & co will preview tracks from their debut EP.

Regressive Left // Cream Militia
With a knack for writing wonky art-pop melodies and a growing list of live slots on the horizon, Regressive Left may soon be your new favourite band. ‘Cream Militia’ has been blessed with the touch of kooky producer David Mountain (Jerskin, Famous).

TV People // Out of the Silence
Dublin is truly the musical gift that keeps on giving. The City’s most recent export have the expansive and distant post-punk stylings of Interpol, matched with the climactic energy of Editors.

Moa Moa // Coltan Candy
Last but not least, we have Speedy Wunderground’s 36th single, courtesy of Moa Moa. The Calder Valley 5-piece tessellate irreverent reference points throughout 4 minutes of sunny psych-pop.

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