RIOT Release Radar: #065

This week marks two decades since The Strokes released their debut LP Is This It. Choppy, duelling guitars and Julian Casablancas’ unflappable vocal distortion kicked down the door for a whole new school of guitar bands to tear things up in their wake.

Not since Is This It have we seen a singular release mark such a pivotal influence on the music that followed: with LCD Soundsystem, Interpol, Arctic Monkeys and The Killers featuring on the infinite list of artists who directly or indirectly benefitted from the seminal debut record.

Best tune of the week below.

Black Marble // Somewhere
Black Marble always delivers. LA’s Chris Stewart makes haunting synth-pop jams which transport you to your own fabricated 80s nostalgia. New album Fast Idol is out in October.

Wunderhorse // Teal
Former Dead Pretties frontman Jacob Slater has returned with a more mature, introspective sound. Still just 23, Jacob’s Wunderhorse project has the potential to make a substantial contribution to the UK’s indie landscape.

Anna Prior // Thank You For Nothing
Metronomy’s Anna Prior has released her first solo material, and it’s just as good as you’d expect. The percussionist switches the sharp snare drums of Metronomy for a more tropical, synth-facing sound on ‘Thank You For Nothing’.

John Glacier // Trelawny Waters
Hackney’s elusive John Glacier has been making waves underground for some time now. Freshly released album SILOH: Lost For Words is up there with the most exciting debuts of the year.

Enola Gay // Through Men’s Eyes
Belfast noisemakers Enola Gay take aim at Ulster rugby’s 2018 rape case in their latest release. With all proceeds going to Rape Crisis NI, and lyrics that take a frank look at the role of lad culture in modern Ireland, ‘Through Men’s Eyes’ is an important statement at an important time.

Legss // Hyde Park Coroner
Follow vocalist Ned Green’s deranged trip through Hyde Park’s Serpentine river, and enjoy the chaos.

LE JUNK // Bad Stuff
London’s LE JUNK channels NY dance-punk from the noughties to create infectious synth tunes. With more releases on the horizon for later in the year, LE JUNK may be bringing his cowbell to a dancefloor near you soon.

photo credit: Ashley Leahy

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