RIOT Release Radar: #069

It feels like an eternity since we first began rounding up the week’s best tune via the Release Radar. Along this journey, we cannot begin to tell you how many amusing intros we have considered for the 69th edition.

Perhaps it’s a sudden onslaught of maturity, or the fact our brains are fried from a compact festival season, but for whatever reason, it’s just not coming to us today.

We hope that you made it to a couple of festivals, and we especially hope you are recovering more efficiently than we are.

Metronomy X Biig Piig // 405
Electronic Indie stalwarts Metronomy have just shared an EP of collaborations with rising stars. Posse EP Vol. 1 features the likes of Spill Tab, Folly Group, Sorry & Pinty, as well as this absolute gem from RIOT favourite Biig Piig.

Laurie Vincent & Jolyon Thomas’ LARRY PINK project has birthed it’s first collection of tracks. ‘DO DON’T WILL WON’T’ has a tongue-in-cheek, almost Busted-esque approach to pop-rock, a fat shot of noughties nostalgia.

honeyglaze // Burglar
Speedy Wunderground’s newest signings represent a more delicate side to the label. honeyglaze’s debut track ‘Burglar’ is a hypnotic and anecdotal journey from the South London upstarts: they’re gunna be big.

TV Priest // lifesize
Hot on the heels of their debut albums Uppers, which arrived earlier this year, TV Priest continue their knack for pairing smart lyrics with tuneful punk on ‘lifesize’.

Blackaby // I Wanted
And now for something completely different. The songs in Blackaby’s canon are endlessly captivating and charming, and ‘I Wanted’ doesn’t deviate from the trend in the slightest.

BSÍ // My Knee Against Kyriarchy
Kyriarchy = an intersectional extension of the concept of patriarchy that goes beyond gender, encompassing all forms of dominating and oppressive hierarchies. Also the video is really fun, there’s truly something for everyone here.

Tonstartssbandht // What Has Happened
Much like their name, Tonstartssbandht’s sound is intriguing, puzzling and demands your attention. The brothers pool influence from everywhere on the alt spectrum, and their 18th(!) album is due out at the end of October. We challenge you not to get lost in this track.

JW Francis // Only With You
New Yorker JW Francis has treated us to a whole heap of tasters from his forthcoming album, Wanderkid. ‘Only With You’ is representative of JW’s softer, sweeter songwriting, so turn it up and take a walk in the sun: life doesn’t get much better than that.

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