RIOT Release Radar: #071

a Ri-ku:
Time to celebrate,
take off your pants and jacket
Mark Hoppus is clear

Wet Leg // Wet Dream
No other band have captured the joy of leaving lockdown quite like Wet Leg. ‘Wet Dream’ has gone down an absolute storm at the duo’s live shows: a fitting follow-up to introductory banger ‘Chaise Long’.

spill tab // Grade A (feat. JAWNY)
spill tab has teamed up with fellow alt-popper JAWNY for ‘Grade A’: with Claire’s minimalist vocals juxtaposing perfectly with JAWNY’s high-octane take on the track.

bdrmm // Port
One of our favourite breakthrough acts of the last few years. Bdrmm have fused their shoegaze revival with some Trent Reznor-style industrial synth on ‘Port’.

Hana Vu // Keeper
Hana Vu releases her new album 5th November. Public Storage will feature co-production from Day Wave’s Jackson Phillips, so stay tuned for a record of dreamy lo-fi anthems.

Super Young Adult // Sugie
EASY LISTENING: EARTH VOL. 1 is the first compilation EP to come out of US indie label 22Twenty. Artists from all over the world will contribute to the eclectic release, starting with Utah’s Super Young Adult.

BYFYN // Everything’s Not Lost
BYFYN has teamed up with production duo MenCare (PVA’s Josh Baxter & Tiña’s Adam Cartwright) to create this care-free ode to friendship.

Fuzzy Sun // Morning Light
You’ll want to watch the visual for ‘Morning Light’ over and over again ..assuming you’re not prone to seizures. Catch the indie-pop quartet on their December tour in support of their forthcoming EP Since The Dog Died.

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