RIOT Release Radar: #074

A Ri-ku:
speak about climate

then jump on a private plane.
 sounds legit to me.

Charli XCX // New Shapes (feat. Christine and the Queens and Caroline Polachek)
As if you thought this couldn’t live up to the billing. Three of the voices expanding the perimeters of what pop music can be have combined to bring an 80s af slice of main-character music.

shame // This Side of the Sun
We finally got to a shame show in the summer and it was transformative. ‘This Side of the Sun’ marks the South Londoners’ first new music since their acclaimed sophomore Drunk Tank Pink.

The Ninth Wave // What Makes You A Man
Feel those ominous synth chords build. ‘What Makes You A Man’ throws elements of trip-hop into the pot with some unhinged indie balladry to get us adequately hyped for The Ninth Wave’s forthcoming LP Heavy Like A Headache.

Rejjie Snow // Arigato
The fact that Rejjie Snow is from he British Isles is not celebrated enough. ‘Arigato’ pairs a 70s sample from The Voices of East Harlem with some jazz-lead lounge production that wreaks of effortless cool.

Don’t Worry // Crushing Weight
Don’t Worry have injected a little of Pavement’s jangle into their Thamesbeat revival indie-rock, and we are here for it.

Mauv // Wash Over Me
London-via-Midlands trio Mauv are giving very little away, with electronica, grunge and dream-pop all rearing their heads on ‘Wash Over Me’. If – like us – you are keen to hear more from Mauv, why not slide over to the Old Blue Last on November 18th.

Home Counties // The Home Counties
After whetting our appetite with a wee Autumn tour, Bristol’s Home Counties have announced their second EP, Middle English Town. Home Counties are the modern torchbearers for Britain’s rich legacy of wonky, self-referential punk.

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