RIOT Release Radar: #075

A Ri-ku:
eighty-two thousand
not including expenses
“really grim” indeed.

Beach House // Once Twice Melody
The lead single from the first of four chaptered releases, ‘Once Twice Melody’ sees Beach House revive their dreamy combo of assured synths sprinkled with the human touch.

English Teacher // Good Grief
Leeds’ English Teacher are quickly joining that enviable pantheon of bands that everybody loves – and for good reason. The foursome are playing Glasgow and Leeds this week, with a London date in December.

Walt Disco // Macilent
Written alongside Jessica Winter, ‘Macilent’ was sparked by the attack of three trans woman in Hollywood. “We could be together, if you weren’t so violent,” frontperson James Potter declares in an operatic battle-cry.

deathcrash // Unwind
Each deathcrash track is an album in itself, and a really fucking good one at that. The post-rock outfit will share Return LP in January, via untiled (recs): one of the capital’s criminally underrated labels.

Greta Isaac // POLYFILLA
Greata Issac strips everything back to basics, armed with only piano & vocals to make this stunning reflection on growing up.

The Usual Boys // Love Supreme
Allow Berlin’s The Usual Boys to transport you to a smoky European bar, as frontman Aleksi Oksanen croons over creeping instrumentation that teases flashes of their rough n ready guitar capabilities. Read our Q&A too, if ya fancy it.

feature image: Holly Whitaker

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