RIOT Release Radar: #076

a Ri-ku:
cd sales galore
adele, sheeran and abba
mum’s birthday sorted

Wunderhorse // Poppy
Following the claustrophobic energy of debut single ‘Teal’, Wunderhorse (AKA Dead Pretties’ Jacob Slater) has let loose with the expansive shoegaze of ‘Poppy’.

Wallice // Wisdom Tooth
The first single of her new record deal with the ferociously consistent Dirty Hit. Wallice pairs twee bedroom pop with some intelligent production to make a rather lovely first impression at her new workplace.

Horsegirl // Billy
Shoegaze has a knack of staying young and fresh forever, especially in the case of bands like Horsegirl. The Chicago teens have just signed to Matador in a partnership that looks pretty fucking exciting for both parties.

LIFE // Friends Without Names
‘Friends Without Names’ sees LIFE losing some of the punk bombast of their previous outings, returning with a more composed, cutting sound. The quartet are touring over the coming weeks, so check em out.

Just Mustard // I Am You
Another new signing to toast this week. Just Mustard celebrate joining Partisan’s enviable roster with the moody and frantic ‘I Am You’. The Dundalk band are evolving and expanding their sound with each release, and we love to see it.

Wu-Lu // Broken Homes
Ok, we promise this is the final record deal that we are covering. After a few years of honing his sound, Wu-Lu is finally getting the props he deserves, having signed to the boundary-pushing Warp Records. ‘Broken Homes’ implies that Wu-Lu will remain as brave as ever in making captivating and experimental tunes.

Yumi and The Weather // Howl
Vocalist & multi-instrumentalist Ruby Taylor takes aim at the way in which society has weaponised body hair. ‘Howl’ has the contagious energy of pop and the bite of fuzzy rock n roll – if you’ll pardon the pun.

Hypnotic Kingdom // As Long As We’re Living
Ex-Cheetahs frontman Nathan Hewitt has shared his new Little Shadow EP, featuring the rather dreamy ‘As Long As We’re Living’. Released through Ultimate Blends (the label ran by Yuck’s Max Bloom) this 5 track offering has been put together by a gang of slacker-rock avengers.

photo credit: Megan Doherty

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