RIOT Release Radar: #082

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Toro y Moi // Magazine (feat. Salami Rose Joe Louis)
Chaz Bear has returned with double A-side ‘Postman b/w Magazine’. Upcoming album MAHAL will feature collabs with The Mattson 2, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Sofie, as well as this absolute bop with Salami Rose Joe Louis.

Warpaint // Champion
The indie stalwarts have announced Radiate Like This, their first new LP in 6 years. ‘Champion’ adds a touch of lo-fi energy to their percussion, whilst holding on to that unmistakable Warpaint texture. Could 2022 be the year that we see Warpaint take the festival slots that they deserve in the UK??

Walt Disco // How Cool Are You?
The Glaswegians have finally announced their debut album UNLEARNING, arriving April 1st. ‘How Cool Are You?’ Is a more jaunty take on Walt Disco’s trademark emotive punk: putting the perilous undertones on ice and having fun with their sound.

Home Counties // Village Spirit
After firmly adding themselves to the conversation last year, the stage is set for Home Counties to shine in the UK guitar scene. Based on a book by Alain Corbin, ‘Village Spirit’ unpacks the social economics of small-town life.. and the consequences of such frameworks.

Double Helix // Rat Rave
With their debut single, Double Helix have placed themselves seamlessly between the cracks of punk and electronic music, alongside the likes of PVA, Working Men’s Club and SCALPING. Catch the newcomers at London’s Dream Bags, Jaguar Shoes this Thursday.

Teeth Machine // Drive By
Between Double Helix and Teeth Machine, Slow Dance Records are launching some mouth-watering new artists this week. Teeth Machine have been picking up fans from their live shows for a while now, and with tunes like ‘Drive By’, it’s easy to see why.

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