RIOT Release Radar: #083

a Ri-ku:
Gallagher and Grohl 
the collab nobody needs
rocker dads unite

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever // The Way It Shatters
There are no words for how much we love these guys. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever are back with their jingly-jangly, easy-breezy guitar tunes. Wind those car windows down and turn up the speaker.

Mallrat // Your Love
Incorporating snappy hip-hop percussion into her sound, Mallrat enters her new era with this Memphis-rap-via-Brisbane banger.

ADULT. // I Am Nothing
ADULT. are still slaying it after more than twenty years, and sounding as crisp as ever. New album Becoming Undone arrives later this month, with UK tour dates in March to support the release

Divorce // Services
Vocalist Tiger Choen-Towell brings a dreamy touch of melodic nu-folk to a storming debut single. The Megatrain singer pairs with the guitar work of Nottingham compatriots Do Nothing, which could only be a good thing.

Personal Trainer // Key Of Ego
Amsterdam’s Personal Trainer turn their attention to the hot potato that is masculinity in 2022. With a rousing delivery which conjures both Parquet Courts and Pavement at times, ‘Key Of Ego’ is the latest banger from the city’s vibrant guitar scene.

Tenderhost // The Descent
If Brixton Windmill was converted into a smokey jazz bar, we think it would sound a little like this. transformative bass notes and brass instrumentation collude to give Tenderhost’s debut single a creeping air of authority.

Thirsty Eyes // Chickenbeat
Menacing and brash in all the right ways. We are loving this sonic chaos served up from Austrian rockers Thirsty Eyes.

feature image: Kat Neisler

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